Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Quiet Day At Home

It's a hot afternoon as I write this. My nine-year-old son is working on his military base made of Lego blocks and toy soldiers on my dad's table just a few feet away from me. He's supposed to be in school, but he's down with colds and a nasty cough again. I am beginning to wonder why he has this colds-and-cough bit every month since November. I hope it is as he says--it's because he doesn't wash his hands every day in school, thus bringing all the germs home with him. Hope it's not because of anything worse than that.

Although I would like him to be in school now so I can work in peace on my writing, it feels good that he's home the whole day. When I came back from doing errands this morning (go to the bank, pay bills, etc.), he said, "Mom, I made you iced tea!" Aw, that's so sweet. Never mind if he poured the whole pouch of Lipton Iced Tea Mix in the pitcher when the package said only half a cup to a pitcher of water. :)

Earlier I extracted from him a promise that this will be his last absence for the school year. And he also promised to work on two pages in his cursive writing exercise book. Now he's beside me as I write, reading what I'm writing!

Ok, gotta go. He wants to make his own blog.