Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My gifted child

Last week, we found out that we have a wonder child in our midst. My son, who's 10 turning 11 next month, was diagnosed as gifted with a mental age of 15 years on the average, and 17 years in the language/verbal area. Of course the little girl inside me did cartwheels and shouted a cheer. It was nice to hear this good news while living with my back pains.

I've always had a gut feeling that he was different. When he was four months old, while he was in his playpen, he blurted out, "Yaya! Dede!" His dad, our yaya, and I laughed. He was always curious, and before he was two, he knew the alphabet and all the animal sounds. He talked early. At three, he began reading words. And at four, I remember he almost cried tears of joy at realizing he can read the sentences in the story book we had in our hands by himself. At five, he would take his favorite Lego story book and read the story to people around him.

When he was six, he had to wipe away tears of happiness when he got as a birthday gift from his lolo and lola a hardbound book on the presidents of the US. He was into almanacs and atlases thereafter. At seven, when 9-11 happened, he would read the tickler fast when we tuned in to CNN. At eight, we read together In the Presence of My Enemies, the book written by Gracia Burnham, who was kidnapped with her husband by the Abu Sayaf.

He's into politics, history, and military stuff. When the Gloriagate Senate hearings were being shown on TV last year, he would watch it on ANC and write down notes to create a timeline of the whole event. Oh yes, he had an opinion on everything that was happening in current events. When my dad's Time subscription copy would be delivered, he'd shout a "Yay!" then read it first in our room. Last year, we had to buy teach-yourself German and Japanese books because he wanted to learn those languages.

Sometimes he would ask me things I do not know the answer to, or do not know how to answer. How many square miles is Texas? What are the top ten military airplanes? What is oral sex? Can I have a brother?

He would beg to be allowed to stay up late to watch Jeopardy. Today, his last day in school, he went home early and was able to watch Game K N B and had so much fun answering his questions. He told his lolo to enter him as a contestant if they come up with a kiddie version.

His dad said he's smarter than either of us. I agree. I wonder what God has in plan for Him. I pray that He will use his mind for His purpose and to help other people.

In the meantime, I'll try to answer his questions as best I could. If I can't, we'll Ask Jeeves.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Night by Elie Wiesel is a sad thin book about his heart-wrenching experience in concentration camps during the Holocaust. Wiesel won a Nobel Peace Prize. His writing is clear and touching. Read it at least once, like you'd watch Schindler's List the movie at least once. It will keep you grateful for the life we have now.

VERSE OF THE WEEK: Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3