Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Getting ahem, more curves

Ugh, I'm getting bigger. Just a few weeks ago, my good friend Mel and I met for lunch/coffee at Delifrance near Paseo de Roxas in Makati. It was a late lunch for her, and coffee time for me since I just came from a lunch meeting at Atrium. And she greeted me the way Filipinos normally do when they meet up: "Ang taba mo na! Ang laki ng hips mo!"

Ugh. As if I couldn't tell. Just last week, I tried on three pairs of slacks I had in my closet, and they all don't fit. My son teased me, saying, "Haha, you're getting fat!"

So I told my dad last Saturday that I won't eat anymore (joke lang). And he and the rest of my family protested saying, "'Wag! Bagay sa 'yo mataba."

Come to think of it, when I was reed thin with a size 26 waistline and tipping the scales at less than a hundred pounds, no one said I looked good. The usual comments were: "You look tired, haggard, sick. Do you work too hard?" I, on the other hand, enjoyed my size small frame then because it was easy to pick clothes at the store.

Speaking of that, just last Thursday, I bought a size 32 pair of slacks at Bench in Trinoma. 32!!! Well the truth is, I did fit into a size 30 but if I eat a hefty lunch, I know I would look like suman. And so I went for a size 32. If only for this, I won't patronize Bench anymore. Their sizes are small, so psychologically, people feel big if they're getting bigger sizes than usual.

The same is the case for Bayo. Hmmp! My size medium black slacks don't fit me anymore! I'll go back to Ensembles instead, where I'm still a size small! And there's the cutie Mia Bella clothes shop at Serendra, where, as of last Sunday, I still fit in a size small skirt! Yay! (Well, that's because they start their sizes at extra small. hehe)

Anyway, going back to what I was saying, I'm getting bigger. Must be all that soft drinks and coffee I've been drinking much lately. Time to love mineral water again from morning to night.

But I guess that will have to wait until my overseas-based siblings go back to their home countries. That's because we've been eating out every day, as we are like normal Filipinos who bond over good food. We've been visiting old favorites and discovering new restaurants lately, and we just all love it.

And today's not any different--we're going out again to bond and eat. Ah, good food with good company--it's simply one of life's pleasures. Saka na ang diet.

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Two years ago, my good friends Dennis and Meg gave me the book Pray God's Will in 365 Days by Jay Duque. It has Bible readings every day and prayers too. I wasn't able to finish it before, so I started again this year. Very comforting.

VERSE OF THE WEEK: And this verse seems so apt given all the words exchanged over the ZTE-NBN scandal: "An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." Proverbs 24:26


Anna said...

Hi Karen! I don't have the waitstline from our V Days as well. Now it's bordering between 29 and 30--and counting he he. Alas, times and waistlines change. :p

quietstream said...

I think age has something to do with it...although I'm still in denial. hahaha :-)